About Us

Attars & Floral oils:

Perfumes & Essential Oils Co. is the firm engaged in the manufacture of Traditional Indian Attars. This is our core business with field distillation units in various parts of India and our continued concentration is on giving the best quality of attars. We are today the pioneers in this field.

Industrial Fragrances:

Modern perfumery requires modern thinking. Fast changing consumer preferences, tremendous growth in the FMCG sector prompted us to begin our journey into the modern and vast world of perfumery, which saw us venturing into industrial fragrance compounds for all industries, like soaps and detergents, cosmetics, toiletries, incense and agarbatties, chewing tobacco etc. PECO Perfumers started in 1994 . In a short span we are today emerging as a major player in the fragrance world. Using our expertise in Attars, we firmly believe in blending nature into fragrance.

With a view to streamline our exports, Oriental Perfumes (P) Ltd. handles all our exports and is a 100% E.O.U.